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Venus Tears --

-- a pleasant little retreat.

Silent Hill Costuming/Cosplay
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Welcome to Venus Tears, the LJ community for all thing Silent Hill costuming/cosplay related! This is a place where you can ask for help with something, talk about your progress on projects, show pictures of your outfits -- anything pertaining to Silent Hill costuming, this is the place!

(no worries, there's only a few ;D)

1.) No flaming/baiting/ridiculing -- or anything of the like. Nobody's costumes suck. If someone put effort into it, it's always good. If someone wants constructive criticism they can ask for it when showing their costumes.
2.) Please put all pictures behind an LJ-cut. That way, no one can complain about friendslist pages being stretched out, which I'll admit, is fairly annoying. Hee.
3.) Have fun -- and that's it!


This community is run by me, tenel_ka. XD I also run Phantasmagoria, the Silent Hill cosplay website. I know I haven't updated it in forever, because I am a big loser -- but it will be updated soon! With a new layout (possibly, I really like the simplicity of the one up now O_O) and loads of new pictures! Thank you!