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kagomechan in sh_cosplay

Still alive out there..?

Hey just saw this community. Love the website. (wish i found it while i was making mycostume ^_^)

Thought I would join and post some stuff.
I've made Nurse from 2 and 3. I hope some day to make a nurse from 1, Lisa and Cynthia.

Yeah for SH cosplay. ^_^

Link to our SH Skit at PMX - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2CsKRKAn3E

Link to a picture of my nurse - http://images.cosplay.com/showphoto.php?photo=903896.

Hope the community grows and grows!



That's one awsome costume!!! You did a great job, i love how the blood looks and the way your costume was dirtied too :3 Best Silent Hill nurse costume i've seen, no lie :o
Aww thanks! I tried really hard! XD Gotta do those nurse's some dirty justice! My friends and I loooove doing SH cosplay. So there will be more to come!
Heeeee! Thank you for the comment on the website. I really need to update it baaaad. BUT OMG. YOUR NURSE = <3333! And the group is so awesome! Ya'll look great! And I'm hoping the community grows too -- more SH cosplayers is always grand! ;D

You must post pictures of your other costumes when you make them too! I've never seen a Cynthia costume before~ :D
Yes update! You can use my nurse on your website. Glad you like it.. XD I love gross cosplay! I'm trying to get my friends to join the community. ::goes to bug them::

My friend did Cynthia! She loaned me her jewerly for when I do it.. I'll tell her to post some pics! ::goes to post again::
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